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Dear Kelly,

Thanks for your message. The events of 11 September were cruel and unexpected and those who did it, those who helped them must be brought to justice. Our prayers are with you, all Americans, and we are confident that the events will not undermine the spirit of the American people and will make it even stronger.

I hope that your company will continue and expand its activities. You have a wonderful program in Mongolia that makes a very "learning" experience. I could suggest couple of ideas for the itinerary for the next year so that at least some of the feeling that "the group leaves the country having earned" less than they wanted to could be overcome. I have some experience of working in the tourism industry in Mongolia, but mostly as a tour agent rather than a guide. If you wish to consider those ideas I can write about them to you.

As for me, I would be quite happy to work with you and can try to arrange my vacation to be in Mongolia in July. I am a Mongolian, now I work at the Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the UN as First Secretary. I will send my CV attached. Let's talk about it more and I hope we could arrange it. Zorigt D.

D. Zorigt - UN First Secretary, Permanent Mission MONGOLIA

HI Dear Kelly!!!
How are you wihte what happened in New York+ Washinton????? I feel so sorry for these Peopel + I want (in my way) send them my condolenses by you !!!! As you see I do not know what to say!!!!!!!!! We will see what Time'll tell about the trip of Americans to arab countries?????? Don't you think so???????? Let me hear about that??Please give to GWEN my best regards+suport of love+stong friendship!!!!!!!!
Driss Amrani

Dear Gwen,
I could not believe that happened last night in US. Are you all OK? please let me know as soon as possible. I am sure your government can handle this unforgivable horrible act and soon get those beasts who committed this CRIME. Take care and may be drive out of populous area for a few days. What happened last night is a tragedy for the whole world not for US!

Dear friends, On behalf of all of us at Clark Tours of Guatemala, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to all the American people for the tragic events of this morning. We sincerely regret such despising terrorist attacks and send our full support to all of you in these times of sorrow. Hopefully in the near future the people and organizations who are at fault for such attacks will be captured and sentenced by a court of law. Our prayers are with each and everyone of you.
Best regards, MarkMark H. Rogers, General Manager Clark Tours American Express Travel Services Guatemala,GUATEMALA

Dear Mrs. Erwood,
We are very shocked by the terrorism attack in NYK, we hope you and all our friends are safe. Very best regards, Tu & Patrick

Hi, It must be a nightmare in the US at the moment. It seems so unreal what has happened there one can not think that it is for real and not only a bad movie I have been in contact with Carrie Bedord and Tess Larocca I have booked them an extra night at hotel Finnair does not yet confirm their flight for 13 Sep. But I told the ladies to go to Finnair office with their tickets. So they are looked after as good as possible.
regards, Maarit, HELSINKI, FINLAND

Dear Gwen,
We were all disappointed & really shoken by hearing the news about the horrible attack to New York & it made all of us really sad for those who have lost their families in this tragedy. We hope that, it is the last sad news we hear at the beginning of the 21 century & wish all humans in the world could live happily in peace. This is on behalf of Holiday inbound team.
Kind Regards, Shahram, TEHRAN, IRAN

12 Sep 2001
Dear Gwen, We were horrified when we saw the events unfolding in front of our eyes last night on the TV. It was unbelievable but real. We are sad and angry over this mindless act - it is a crime against humanity. Our thoughts are with you, our friends and the American people. We are confident that things will be more clear when dust settles down. Please share our concern with all our friends. We seem to be living among wretched people on this earth but surely some good will result out of this horrible deed. So many innocent lives have been lost and their cries will not go in vain.
Love to Jim, Kelly & you.

Dear Gwen & Kelly,
We were all shocked yesterday afternoon and I hope you and all your family are fine. It is such a desaster even here we are in such a sorrow, can not imagine how you must feel. There should be a stop to this ill minded people. Take care, Asli, ISTANBUL, TURKEY

Gwen, my dear friend,
This is to present my condolences,we are watching TV with tear stained eyes. Armageddon Now. Please stay in touch,


Dear Kelly,
First of all I would like to express my grief because of the terrible events in your country yesterday. We here in Iceland are praying for you all.

We are completely shocked to know that the United States suffered a terrible tragedy in the morning of September 11th, 2001 . It's unbelievable. We completely condemn this very dangerous attack, and I convey my condolences to the victim's family , to the American people, and to the American administration, not only in my name but on behalf of the hotel Morin staff. We feel your pains and would like to share your shock and sorrow.
Best regards, Tao Van Nghe SAIGON, VIETNAM

We are very sorry for the bad event in USA, it is a tragedy day for our World and felt sad for the thousand innocent who died for nothing....
Kind regards,Nanthiya, BANGKOK, THAILAND

I'm so sorry for your Nation. What an horrible day yesterday. I'm "de tout coeur" with all my heart with you. There's no words (in no language) to express these awful acts. The world is getting absolutely crazy. Hoping it will not become an escalation of violence, I send you and everybody hurt in their heart the best I can to cheer you up.
Best regards, Michèle, LYON, FRANCE

Dear Kelly, How are you? I was very sorry to hear of the explosion of two World Trade Centre buildings in U.S.A, moreover many people were died. It is said to be "a disaster of U.S.A". I truly share sorrow with your country. But I believe your powerful country will rapidly overcome it. Please tell me about this problem si possible. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thank so much, Kelly. Best wishes to you.

Hi Kelly, Thank so much for your e-mail. You know, I and other Vietnamese people were so sad, thrilling and angry when this happened. What a awful! I'm not very interested in politics, but I just really sorrow over death of thousands innocents. And I hope that your country will surmount these difficulties. Because this disaster has had influence on the world stock market, including Viet nam. I'm very busy now. I will write you more later.
Bye and Have a nice day. Van, VVTS HANOI, VIETNAM

Attn: Mr. Kelly Erwood / Travel Concepts International
From: Ugen / Bhutan Travel & Tourism
Dear Sir,
Many thanks for your e-mail dated September 13.
I hope that all is well with you and your family. In light of Tuesday's tragic events in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania Bhutan honored and mourned with our national flag at half mast all over the country. All activities were remained closed and offered butter lamps at various monastaries and dzongs. The thoughts and prayers of everyone in Bhutan are with the victims, their families, the survivors and for the people who have been affected by this horrific event. We are really shocked and sad for such inhuman act.

Dear Gwen!
What is going on in New York and Washington? I heard terrible news, like it was a nightmare! I hope you are fine ( and also your family! ) Nora, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

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